Vocational Rehabilitation Services at Kate Meads Associates

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

Kate Meads Associates are experts in vocational rehabilitation services and work with individuals, employers and insurers across the UK. We provide a comprehensive service assisting employees in returning to work and/or maintaining their role in the workplace.

Services for Employers

Are you an employer seeking to re-integrate an ill or injured employee back into your workplace? Unsure about when or how they will return? Need to make provision under the Equality Act 2010, but not sure what is required?

Services for Insurers and Solicitors

Or an insurer looking for an Initial Needs Assessment or a Vocational Assessment or Return to Work Plan for a claimant? Need to determine their rehabilitation potential?

Services for Individuals

Or, perhaps, an individual looking for support to return to work after a life-changing illness?

If so, we can help.

We offer a range of professional Vocational Rehabilitation and Return to Work services delivered by qualified, highly skilled Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants.

All our consultants are fully insured, registered with their relevant professional bodies and work to our exacting standards of best practice, timeliness and performance.

For further help or assistance please call our team on 01264326308


Providing pain management education and preventative training to decrease absenteeism and increase productivity.


Using evidence-based practices, we consider every aspect of a client's life during every stage of the process while consulting with their employer and medical provider.


Designing a sustainable and structured programme of education and training to ensure healthy working practices that maximise occupational performance and potential. We will also advise on the modification of the employee's role and environment in order to prevent further relapse or injury.


Increasing function, productivity and capacity via job placements, employment transitions and temporary work.

We are delighted to announce that Kate Meads was recently awarded the VR Practitioner of the Year, Runner Up 2017.

Client Testimonial

"My employer appointed Kate to work with me following an injury to my ankle and a diagnosis of CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome). Kate's regular contact, support and guidance genuinely helped me on a road to recovery and back to work much sooner than expected. Her knowledge of the condition and holistic approach was invaluable not only to me but to my family and of course, my employer. Kate's guidance has enabled me to continue towards a full recovery in a positive manner." - CM


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Client Testimonial

"Kate and her team were instrumental to my successful return to work after a year's sick leave due to a sudden, serious depression. Until then I had been a highly successful career woman, and then mum of three. I was completely at a loss as to how to get myself to a place where I could re-establish my own and others confidence in my ability to juggle home and work, and find time for me." - AH


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Members of

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Association
  • International Disability Management Standards Council
  • Health & Care Professions Council
  • Health & Care Professions Council
  • British Association of Brain University Case Managers
  • British Association of Brain University Case Managers