Eating Disorders

Living with an eating disorder

Different Types of Eating Disorders

An eating disorder can be characterised by eating habits and patterns that impact on a person’s dietary intake, physical health and wellbeing. Bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are the most prevalent forms in the United Kingdom, other types of eating disorders include binge eating disorder and eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDOS). Though primarily regarded as affecting females (an estimated 5–10 million being affected in the UK), an estimated 10 – 15% of people with eating disorders are male.

How can Kate Meads Associates help?


If you are experiencing an eating disorder, an assessment from Kate Meads Associates will focus on how your symptoms are affecting your life and preventing you from living your life as you wish.

During the assessment your occupational therapist will need to have a detailed but sensitive conversation with you focusing both on your strengths and the areas in which you are experiencing problems. To assist this process, your occupational therapist may utilise a variety of tools and strategies dependent on your needs.

As our focus at Kate Meads Associates is on helping you improve what you are able to do each day, our assessment will pay particular attention to your daily routine including the roles you have - for example as a parent, an employee, a business executive etc. This will enable us to understand the impact your symptoms are having on your life and work with you to identify realistic and achievable goals to increase your functional performance and your overall quality of life.


Kate Meads Associates will produce a detailed, yet accessible report of your assessment. The report will provide a summary of the barriers that get in the way of you fulfilling your roles and routines as you wish and make a number of recommendations that might help. We aim to get the report back to you within 10 working days of the assessment.

Therapy and treatment for Eating Disorders

Kate Meads Associates’ occupational therapists are highly trained and experienced - they are passionate about providing evidence-based interventions to improve your functional performance. Each treatment plan will be individual, underpinned by occupational therapy philosophy, taking a person-centred and strengths-based approach. Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve your goals and improve your functional performance.

Your occupational therapist will work with you to understand triggers, barriers and established strategies you currently use, some of which may not be that helpful in the longer term. They will also help you to learn and put into practice techniques that help control your symptoms as well as allowing you to focus on your roles and routines. These may include:-

  • Personal goal setting
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Graded Exposure
  • Behavioural activation
  • Relaxation

Do you have difficulty…

  • Stabilising or managing your eating patterns?
  • Managing or performing day to day roles?
  • Establishing or sustaining a daily routine?
  • Managing fatigue/tiredness?

If so, please contact one of our occupational therapists on 01264 326308 for a free “no obligation” telephone consultation to discuss your needs and find out how we may help.

View our case study about Katherine, a 32 year old female who has struggled with issues related to an eating disorder since her teenage years.

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