Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of clients we have recently worked with, demonstrating how we assess an individual’s situation, prepare a tailor made treatment plan and work with them to improve their health and functionality. Our case studies demonstrate how we see clients of all ages with all types of conditions.

Simply click on any condition to see how we really do make a difference to people’s lives, improving their prospects for a happier, healthier future. Please note that names have been changed to ensure anonymity.

Anxiety and Depression

Case Studies | Mental Health


Sidney is 62 years old with a first episode of agitated depression. He recently retired from work as a mechanic as he felt that he could not keep up with the pace of work. He lives with his wife in their own property and has four grown up children and two grandchildren. Sidney’s wife continues to work and as a consequence Sidney spent much of the day at home with little structure to his day. He did not know what to do with his time and felt hopeless about the future. Sidney had been depressed for about 18 months prior to his retirement although he had not sought medical help until after he retired.

Aspergers (Child)

Case Studies | Education


Ben is a 10 year old boy with Aspergers syndrome. He lives at home with his mother and father and he attends a mainstream secondary school. Ben was having difficulties at school. He was extremely anxious about going to school; he struggled with his work and had trouble with being bullied. Ben struggled to establish and maintain friendships at school. His difficulties with social interaction caused the other children to see him as different.

Autism (Child)

Case Studies | Education


Ken is a 7 year old boy with severe autistic spectrum disorder. He lives with long term foster carers and attends a special needs school. At the time of referral, Ken was living in a respite centre for children with disabilities. Ken is able to communicate verbally but he often struggles to communicate his emotions and needs to others.

Bipolar Disorder

Case Studies | Mental Health


James is 60 years old with Bipolar Disorder and is divorced with two children in their late 20s. His life had undergone a lot of significant changes - he took early retirement on health grounds, his marriage had ended and he had recently had to move from the family home to a one bedroom flat. James had had difficulties with his mental health for much of his life and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 15 years ago.

Downs Syndrome (Adult)

Case Studies | Learning Disabilities


Jane is 21 years old and has Downs Syndrome. She lives with her mother, father, older brother and pet dog. Her father works full time and her mother remains at home to support Jane. Jane and her family recently moved to the area from the north of the country where she had previously engaged in many groups and hobbies. Her hobbies were dancing, drama and art. She also had a volunteering job at a local nursing home where she handed out the tea and coffee. Since moving house, Jane has no hobbies and spends all day with her mother watching television and DVD’s. Jane has good verbal communication and is independently mobile.

Downs Syndrome (Child)

Case Studies | Education


Julie is an 18 year old lady with Down’s syndrome. She currently lives with her mother, father and younger sister and attends a special needs 6th form. Julie continues to rely heavily on her mother and father for self care tasks such as washing and dressing. Her parents wished for Julie to become more independent as they were beginning to stop Julie from going away with friends and would also cause issues for Julie when she wanted to move out of the family home.

Dyspraxia (Child)

Case Studies | Education


Paul is a 12 year old boy who lives with his parents and attends a special needs school. He has a moderate learning disability and severe dyspraxia. Paul has good verbal communication although he often struggles to co-ordinate his breathing and speaking.

Eating Disorder

Case Studies | Mental Health


Katherine is 32 years old and has struggled with issues around eating since the age of 13. She left home at 20 to go to University and has worked as a teacher for the last 8 years. Unfortunately an episode of depression, triggered by the breakdown of a relationship the previous year, had led Katherine to feeling unable to work and she had not worked for the last nine months resulting in her having to move back in to her old family home with her parents.

Learning Disability (Adult)

Case Studies | Learning Disabilities


Mark is 52 years old with a mild learning disability. He has lived in a flat of his own for five years prior to which he lived in a number of places including shared accommodation and supported living. He had several moves due to difficulties coping with other people or aspects of the environment such as noise. During this time however he was able to hold down a full time job as a cleaner between 2000 and 2010.

Mark has had several interests in the past such as listening to music and dancing. He used to meet his father in the pub on a regular basis but no longer wishes to do this. He has lost contact with the rest of his family and over recent years his level of activity has reduced.

Learning Disability (Adult)

Case Studies | Learning Disabilities


Tina is 20 years old, lives with her grandparents and attends a day centre five days a week. Tina has cerebral palsy which affects all her limbs. She has profound and multiple learning disabilities and currently has no means of consistently communicating with others or interacting with her environment.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Case Studies | Mental Health


Paul is a 40 year old man diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He has always lived with his parents and remains in the family home. He had maintained an office job for over 15 years but was reliant on his 75 year old mother to drive him to and from work. He experienced intrusive thoughts that his actions have caused, or will cause, harm to others and constantly rechecked his steps or actions.

Personality Disorder

Case Studies | Mental Health


Emma is 34 years old and lives with her son and daughter aged 11 and 8. Emma has experienced life-long difficulties regulating her emotions and was diagnosed with a Personality Disorder. There has been a significant increase in symptoms and episodes of self harm since her marriage ended two years previously. Emma does not work and is in receipt of Employment Support Allowance.


Case Studies | Mental Health


Anna is a 45 year old lady who experienced her first episode of Psychosis in her late 30s. She holds a high level position in accounting and has had several episodes off sick in recent years. She has recently been off work for six months with no return date planned as yet. Anna lives with her teenage son and husband of 20 years.


Case Studies | Mental Health


Isobel is a 40 year old lady with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At the time of her referral to Occupational Therapy she had been off work for a significant period of time. She worked in middle management and had always enjoyed her work. She lives with her mother in her own home and has two pet dogs. Isobel had a history of childhood trauma which caused her PTSD.

Refusing to Attend School Due to Anxiety

Case Studies | Education


Ben is a 12 year old boy who lives at home with his mother and older sister.  At the time of referral Ben had been refusing to attend his mainstream secondary school for 11 weeks and had lost any previous roles, habits and routines associated with a school routine.

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